Javanese Language and Culture Intensive Course (JLCIC)

Javanese Language and Culture Intensive Course (JLCIC) is organized by the Language Institute of Sanata Dharma University. JLCIC programs are designed for foreigners who intend to learn Javanese language, immersed in the culture and people speaking it. 
Types of programs:
·    Tailored group program
·    Tailored individual program

·    Beginner 1
·    Beginner 2

Having completed the course, participants are expected to be able to:
·    Communicate orally in basic Krama Javanese

·    Communicate orally in daily situations
·    Read basic simplified passages in Javanese

Complementary Courses:
·    Culture Class: Batik, gamelan, wayang, etc.

·    Field Study: Market, transportation, etc.
·    Tours: Keraton, Tamansari, temples, etc.

Facilities & Accommodation
Air-conditioned classes, language lab, university library access, free wi-fi, university guest house, family home stay, corporate rate hotels & apartments.

Participants who successfully complete the course and exam will receive a certificate from the Language Institute. A transcript will be supplied upon request.

Registration fee US$ 15

Hourly language course for individual fee: US$ 17
Hourly language course for group fee: US$ (TBA) 
For further information, please contact us