HAN-SDU Exchange Program

Outbound Credited Program

HAN-SDU Exchange Program is an exchange program between the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) University and Sanata Dharma University provides opportunities for students from the Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) to study at HAN University, Nijmehen, Netherlands. By joining this program, students will get to experience and learn about the education system in Europe. This program runs for one semester in the even semester.

HAN-SDU Exchange Program 2020

HAN-SDU Exchange Program 2020 was held from February until June 2020. There was one participant from Chemistry Education..

Find the previous reports:

  • Active students of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of SDU semester 3-7
  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Ready to pay for 3 months living expenses (around 40 million rupiah)
  • Have a passport
  • Have good English proficiency, proven by TOEFL Certificate (minimum score 477)
  • In excellent health
  • Able to work actively in a group
  • Have travel insurance
  • Have paid all study costs in SDU
  • Essay on a certain topic written in English (minimum 500 words)

  • Financial Guarantee Statement with 10,000 postage

  • Parents’ Permission Letter

  • Recommendation Letter by Academic Advisor
  • Passport

  • TOEFL Certificate

  • Medical certificate from a certified health institution

  • Academic Transcript

  • Tuition Payment list (taken from SIA)

  • Prepare the required documents.

  • Compile the required documents into ONE PDF FILE (no more than 100 MB).

  • Submit the compiled documents to the application form.

  • Fill the online application form (the link will be updated once the program is published).

  • Follow the selection process according to the schedule.

The following is an estimate of the costs to be paid by students:

 1 VisaRp 3,000,000
 2 Transportation for processing visa (Jakarta)Rp 2,000,000
 3 InsuranceRp 2,000,000
 4 Living expenses (3 months)Rp 35,000,000
 TOTALRp 42,000,000

Note: SDU provides subsidy.