Global Leadership Program

Outbound Non-Credited Program

Global Leadership Program (GLP) is a no-credit program conducted annually by AJCU-AP (Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities – Asia Pacific). The aim of this program is to provide opportunities for students from member universities to discuss global issues that are happening in their respective countries. In addition, the program also aims to prepare students to become leaders with global insight. This program lasts for one week. In its implementation, GLP has several main agendas, namely: Lectures, Presentations, Fieldworks, and Cultural Performance to develop Ignatian Leadership.

Global Leadership Program 2023

Global Leadership Program 2019 is going to be held in Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan from 20-26 August 2023 with the theme “Our Blue Planet – Ocean and Sustainability”.

Find the previous reports:

  • Active students of SDU semester 4-8

  • Minimum GPA 3.0

  • Have completed PPKMB or FCH 1 and 2

  • Have a valid passport

  • Have good English proficiency, proven by TOEFL Certificate (min. 477 for English Department and min. 400 for non-English Department) or Duolingo English Test (min. 85 for English Departments and min. 65 for non-English Departments)

  • Able to work actively in a group

  • Willing to follow the whole GLP processes (Pre-GLP, GLP, Post-GLP)

  • Financial Guarantee Statement

  • Parents’ Consent Letter

  • Recommendation Letter by Academic Advisor

  • Recommendation Letter by Head of Study Program

  • A valid passport

  • TOEFL Certificate or Duolingo English Test Result

  • PPKMB or FCH Certificates

  • Medical certificate from a certified health institution

  • Academic Transcript

  • Tuition Payment list (taken from SIA)

  • An essay of a specified topic

  • Prepare the required documents.

  • Compile the required documents into ONE PDF FILE (no more than 100 MB).

  • Submit the compiled documents to the application form.

  • Fill the online application form

  • Follow the selection process according to the schedule.

The following is an estimate of the costs to be paid by students:

1Flight ticket (East Asia)**Rp13,000,000
2Visa (East Asia)Rp1,000,000
3Program fee*Rp12,000,000
TOTAL (East Asia)Rp27,500,000

*SDU provides subsidy
**SDU provides partial subsidy