In an attempt to improve the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, Sanata Dharma University expands its cooperation with other educational institutions both from within and outside Indonesia. These efforts continue to be carried out with the aim of increasing the skills and competencies of Sanata Dharma University students and lecturers.

One of the collaborations with International institutions that has just been signed is the collaboration with Sathyabama University, India. On Friday, October 29, 2021, a virtual meeting between Sanata Dharma University and Sathyabama University was held which was attended by the Vice Rector IV and the head of Bureau of International Relations and Cooperation with staff. Sathyabama University is a Private College located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India formerly known as Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology.

During the meeting, Sathyabama University offered two collaborative programs, namely student exchange and faculty exchange. The student exchange program will be implemented starting next semester of 2022 which can be followed by all study programs at Sanata Dharma University from the undergraduate to postgraduate levels. This program is a credit transfer program where it is hoped that the students who participate can transfer the credits taken from the host university. The minimum number of credits that each student can take is 9 credits (3 courses) and a maximum of 15 credits (5 courses)

The faculty exchange program is still in the discussion stage between Sanata Dharma University and Sathyabama which will later involve all study programs at the Sanata Dharma University. This program is aimed at all lecturers in Sanata Dharma who want to have teaching experience at Sathyabama University for one semester. Sanata Dharma University also opens opportunities for Sathyabama University lecturers to teach here.

Considering the uncertainty conditions of COVID-19 pandemic, Sathyabama University offers the option of implementing both student and faculty exchange programs virtually. However, if conditions permit, the participants can go to India and participate in these activities face-to-face. Further information regarding the student exchange and faculty exchange program will be updated via Sanata Dharma University’s website and Bureau of International Relations and Cooperation’s Instagram @bkhiusd

With the establishment of the cooperation program, it is hoped that Sanata Dharma University and Satyabhama University can exchange information in terms of developing the quality of education and also the professionalism of lecturers.


(SA & DDJ)