SDU Joined in Asean and European International Projects

 Once joined in the Tuning Asia – South East 2016 international project, SDU has got another good opportunity to be involved in this international project in 2021. This year’s international project entitled Tuning CALOHEA (Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in ASEAN) involves 31 well-known universities in 13 countries and 2 continents. 5 universities from Europe and 26 universities from Southeast Asia, one of which is SDU.

Tuning is a university-driven process managed by the Tuning Academy based at the University of Deusto (Spain) and the University of Groningen (Netherlands). Tuning offers a universal approach to reform higher education at the level of higher education institutions and subject areas. This is in line with one of  SDU’s mission to develop a holistic education system that combines academic excellence and human values through an approach characterized by personalist, dialogic, pluralistic, and transformative characteristics.

Tuning CALOHEA is one of the international projects of that process. This project aims to:

a) develop a comprehensive Subject Specific Qualification and Assessment Reference Framework,

b) introduce and / or strengthen a culture of measuring student workloads as an integral part of curriculum design and

c) promote the application of authentic assessment of learning outcomes.

All the institutions that are involved in this project work together to promote institutional progress in management operations and the internationalization of higher education in the region.

The project, which runs from 15 January 2021 to 14 January 2024, is financially supported by the European Commission, coordinated by The University of Groningen and co-coordinated by the ASEAN University Network. This project is focused on curricular reform in three subject areas namely, Teacher Education, Medicine and Civil Engineering. SDU is included in the Teacher Education Subject Area Group involving 6 lecturers. 3 lecturers were involved in the Tuning project in 2016, namely Mr. F. X. Ouda Teda Ena, M.Pd., Ed.D. from English Education Master Program, Mr. P. Kuswandono, Ph.D. from English Education Master Program, and Mr. F. X. Mukarto, Ph.D. from English Language Studies Master Program. The other 3 lecturers are new members of the group, namely Ms. V. Triprihatmini, M.Hum., M.A., Ms. C. Tutyandari, Ph.D., and Ms. C. Kristiyani, M.Pd., Ph.D. from English Language Education Study Program. The lecturers believe that by being involved in this international project, they can contribute to the University to develop and revitalize the existing education system.

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