Parallel Session Schedule

The parallel session of ICoMAAL 2018 wil be conducted on Saturday, 15 September 2018. The detail of each session are follows.

Room 1 (Math 1): Driyarkara Seminar Room 1

PIC: Herry Pribawanto Suryawan

Session 1

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
1 13.00-13.15 Robby Temporal Regularity of Solution to a Stochastic Heat Equation  


Herry Pribawanto S.

2 13.15-13.30 Ahmad Lazwardi

Rahmatya Nurmeidina

Lebesgue-Hausdorff Line Integral of Hausdorff Measurable Multivariable Function over Simple Curve on [a,b]
3 13.30-13.45 Muhammad Habiburrohman Boundedness of Pseudo-Differential Operators for Sm Class
4 13.45-14.00 Al Azhary Masta Third Version of Weak Orlicz-Morrey Spaces and Its Inclusion Properties  



5 14.00-14.15 Muh. Nur A New Orthogonality and Angle in a Normed Space
6 14.15-14.30 Harmanus Batkunde On The Topology of n-Normed Spaces with Respect To Norms of Its Quotient Spaces

Session 2

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
7 14.45-15.00 Pebrudal Zanu Boundedness of Littlewood-Paley-Stein Operator in Lebesgue Space with an Improved Sufficient Condition  


Al Azhary Masta

8 15.00-15.15 Denny Ivanal Hakim Gradient Estimates for Solutions to Divergence Form Elliptic Equations in Generalized Morrey Spaces
9 15.15-15.30 Dian Maharani Mikhlin Theorem in Morrey Space
10 15.30-15.45 Daniel Salim Rough Fractional Integral Operators on Local Morrey Spaces  

Denny Ivanal Hakim

11 15.45-16.00 Nicky Kurnia Tumalun Morrey Spaces are emmbeded between Weak Lebesgue Spaces and Stummel Classes
12 16.00-16.15 Moch. Idris A New 2-Norms on The Space of p-Summable Sequences

Room 2 (Math 2) : Driyarkara Seminar Room 2

PIC: Romo Eko Budi Santoso, SJ

Session 1

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
1 13.00-13.15 Robiatul Adawiyah Edge Metric Dimension on Some Families of Tree  

Rm. Eko Budi S, SJ


2 13.15-13.30 Arta Ekayanti Spectrum Properties of Self-Adjoint Operator
3 13.30-13.45 Atok Zulijanto A Finer Gradation on The Class of Uniformly Convergent Sequences of Functions
4 13.45-14.00 Pilipus Neri Agustima Spectrum of Laplace Operator in Star Metric Graph Sn  

Atok Zulijanto

5 14.00-14.15 Arnasli Yahya Laplace Operator Spectrum in some Toroidal Graphs
6 14.15-14.30 Samuel Mirsel Peimahul Laplace Operator Spectrum in Cycle Metric Graph

Session 2

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
7 14.45-15.00 Michael B. Frondoza Radon-Nikodym Theorem for Uncertain Measures  

Mawardi Bahri

8 15.00-15.15 Ibrahim Yousif  Ibrahim  Abd Alrhman Lagrangian  Mechanical Systems with Four Almost Complex Structures on Symplectic Geometry
9 15.15-15.30 Mochammad Reza Habibi A Note on The Commutativity of Banach Algebra
10 15.30-15.45 Budi Nurwahyu


Some Properties of Common Fixed Point for Two Self-mappings on Some Contraction Mappings in Quasi αb-metric Space  


Michael B. Frondoza

11 15.45-16.00 Mawardi Bahri Simplex Complex Forms for Two-Sided Quaternion Linear Canonical Transform
12 16.00-16.15

Room 3 (Math 3): Driyarkara Seminar Room 3

PIC: YG Hartono

Session 1

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
1 13.00-13.15 L. Hari Wiryanto Surface Wave on Thin Film  

YG Hartono

2 13.15-13.30 Gigieh Dwi Hutomo Numerical Solution of 2D Advection Diffusion Equation with Variable Coefficient Using Du-Fort Frankel Method
3 13.30-13.45 Bambang Agus Sulistyono Numerical Stability of Lax Scheme Applied to a Dynamic Wave Model in Rectangular Channels
4 13.45-14.00 Nora Fitriyani A Three-step Iterative Method to Solve a Nonlinear Equation Via an Undetermined Coefficient Method  


L. Hari Wiryanto

5 14.00-14.15 Nurul Khoiromi A Derivative Free Three-step Iterative Method to Solve a Nonlinear Equation
6 14.15-14.30

Session 2

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
7 14.45-15.00 Adatul Mukarromah Bayesian Mixture Poisson Model for Infant Mortality  


Grandianus Seda Mada

8 15.00-15.15 Chatarina Enny M. Option Pricing by Using the Mixed Fractional Brownian Motion With Jump
9 15.15-15.30 Prihantini Mathematical Model to Reduce State Devises in Cases Optimally Crude Oil Allocation as Efforts to Make Fuel Investigation 2023 in Indonesia
10 15.30-15.45 Fransiska Hernina Puspitasari Applied Mathematical Modelling Using Integer Linear Programming In A Truck Rental Problem  




11 15.45-16.00 Grandianus Seda Mada A Weighted Max-Min Model and  An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Fuzzy Multi-Objective Supplier Selection with Fuzzy Objective Function and Fuzzy Constraint in A Supply Chain
12 16.00-16.15

Room 4 (Math Edu 1): MM Room 1 (Lontar Room)

PIC: Yosep Dwi Kristanto

Session 1

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
1 13.00-13.15 Christina Kartika Sari Finding and Proving Supremum and Infimum: Student’s Misconceptions  


Yosep Dwi Kristanto

2 13.15-13.30 Nuk Tohul Huda Fractal Dimension Analysis of Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta Indonesia
3 13.30-13.45 F. X. Marilonga The Role of Mathematics in Making Weaving Bond of Bajawa Community
4 13.45-14.00 Osniman Paulina Maure Modeling and Analysis of Issuing Services Systems for Trading Business Licenses (SIUP) Hazardous Materials Using Petri Net and Max-Plus Approach  



Christina Kartika Sari

5 14.00-14.15 Gabriela Purnama Ningsi Modeling and Analysis Of Outpatients Queuing System In Hospital Dr. Sardjito With Max-Plus Approach
6 14.15-14.30 F. X. Marilonga


Modeling and Analysis of Motor Vehicle Test Queuing System with Petri Net and Max-Plus Approach

Session 2

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
7 14.45-15.00 Edwin Kristianto Analysis of Students’ Error in Proving Convergent Sequence using Newman Error Analysis Procedure  


Dominikus Arif Budi P.

8 15.00-15.15 Yosep Dwi Kristanto Discovering the Formal Definition of Limit Through Exploration in Dynamic Geometry Environments
9 15.15-15.30 Beni Utomo Numerical Study On an Area of Regular Polygon as a Concept of Limit Approach for Unit Circle Using Line Integrals with MS Excel
10 15.30-15.45 Nida Sri Utami An Error Analysis Find the Roots of Complex Number  


Beni Utomo

11 15.45-16.00 Dominikus Arif Budi P. Effectiveness of Google Classroom on Student’s Self-Regulation and Learning Achievement


12 16.00-16.15 Niluh Sulistyani Error Analysis in Solving Inferential Statistics Problems for Psychology Students

Room 5 (Math Edu 2) : MM Room 2 (Palma Room)

PIC: Niluh Sulistyani

Session 1

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
1 13.00-13.15 Burkhan Kalimbetov Training and Research Studies of Future Bachelors – Mathematicians during the Study Limits  


Niluh Sulistyani

2 13.15-13.30 Burkhan Kalimbetov Using SCM Maple in the Course Training as Integrated Equations


3 13.30-13.45 Alzhanova Bakyt Konysbaikyzy Teaching Mathematics In Third Language Through Team Teaching


4 13.45-14.00 Ela Ulfiana Analysis of Student’s Mathematics Critical Thinking in Solving Mathematics Problems  


Burkhan Kalimbetov

5 14.00-14.15 Lilis Nurasiah Students’ Communication and Understanding Mathematics Abilities in Terms of Mathematics Anxiety Level
6 14.15-14.30 Heru Kurniawan The Influence of Open Ended Task on Student’s Mathematical Higher Order Thinking and Communication Skill

Session 2

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
7 14.45-15.00 Lela Nur Safrida Teaching Geometry Shape and Space by Using Geogebra  

Cahyaning Tyas Putri Utami

8 15.00-15.15 Isnaeni Umi Machromah Learning Calculus with Geogebra at College Students
9 15.15-15.30 Alfiyatu Rahmawatiningrum Student Difficulties in Solving Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) Mathematics Problems with Visualizer Thinking Style
10 15.30-15.45 Cahyaning Tyas Putri Utami The Identification of Visual Representation Ability of Junior High School Students in Solving Geometry Problems  

Lela Nur Safrida


11 15.45-16.00 Mega Eriska Rosaria Purnomo Using Schoology in Calculus Course


12 16.00-16.15

Room 6 (Math Edu 3): MM Room 3 (Teratai Room)

PIC: Margareta Madha Melisa

Session 1

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
1 13.00-13.15 Fernando Yoga Nasution Misconception’s analysis of junior high school students in solving algebra problems term of field dependence and field independence cognitive style  



Margareta Madha M.

2 13.15-13.30 Rodyatul Aulia Developing instructional devices of problem posing-cooperative integrated reading and comprehensive (pp-circ) to improve seventh grade student’s creative thinking
3 13.30-13.45 Yohanis Catur Utomo Instructional Design of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model on Relation and Function Material to Improve the Problem Solving Ability of Middle School Students
4 13.45-14.00 Wahyu Septi Rahma Yus Sultra Student’s Self Concept of Junior High School in Learning Mathematics




Fernando Yoga N.

5 14.00-14.15 Mariani Dian Computational Thinking Skill Analysis of Biology Education Students on Tree Branches Constructions Using Lindenmayer System
6 14.15-14.30 Mujiono Among Method in Learning Mathematics to Increase Skill of Problem Solving and Construct the Character of Student

Session 2

No Time Name Title of the Paper Chairman
7 14.45-15.00 Hibatul Azizi The ability of understanding concepts reasoning and self regulated learning of mathematics students x in trigonometry materials  


Sepriani Liliana

8 15.00-15.15 Rusnilawati Effectiveness of the game method based environment towards learning outcomes of mathematics for fifth grade students
9 15.15-15.30 Florianus Aloysius Nay Learning design using problem based learning on topic volume cuboid in class viii d junior high school state 3 prambanan academic year 2017/2018
10 15.30-15.45 Sepriani Liliana The results of learning  class 7 junior high school students of stella duce 2 by using problem-based learning on the topic of  dividing line segments  



Hibatul Azizi

11 15.45-16.00 Mesak Ratuanik Cognitive process of students in solving mathematical problems judging from cognitive style of independent fields (fi) and dependent (fd) fields of class vii students of kanisius kalasan junior high school yogyakarta
12 16.00-16.15 Asrodin Difficulty analysis of the ninth grade students of smp 2 pundong in solving the comparative topic in national examination